Who Benefits from ISO Standards?

Who Benefits from ISO Standards


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) manufactures and publishes standards that will cater to all businesses and consumers – regarding a product’s safety and quality. Moreover, being ISO 9001 certified or abiding by the ISO standards gains your consumer’s trust and gives them confidence not to worry about any risks that a product may offer.

However, who specifically are the ones benefitting from the ISO standards? Is it only the consumers and businesses? Who even are these consumers and businesses that we keep talking about?

Let us explore more into the targeted audience of the ISO standards.

Specific Beneficiaries

Saying that both consumers and businesses gain merit from ISO standards is such a broad and vague topic. Who identifies as the consumers and the businesses?

Manufacturers, consumer groups, vendors or business establishments, laboratories, governments, engineering professions, and research organizations are what identify as the businesses, stakeholders, or certain sectors are the ones that benefit from the ISO standards. How so? They decide and control the standards which they think the market may need.

These establishments identify the standards which need to be imposed.

Not only that, but they have environmental and economic benefits due to this. The standards that are reinforced have been ensured to prioritize the safety of businesses and consumers.

Who are the consumers then?

These consumers include you and your family. Consumers are the ones who buy products or avail of any type of service from these establishments. Hence, the name “consumer.”

The safety of consumers and the quality of the products they purchase must be a top priority for these establishments as not to lose the consumer’s trust and not risk any type of repercussions or failures.

What are the Benefits?

Now that we know who benefits from the ISO standards, you may wonder how does this happen? Or, how is this even made possible?

As a matter of fact, the government and the economy benefits from International Standards as the existence of one set of prevalent standards, the trade of any goods, services, and other logistical technologies will no longer be considered a problem regarding their incompatibility. This will then result in an easier way of trading and a more inclusive global market.

Moreover, business establishments will benefit from the consistent improvement of their systems due to QMS or the quality management system which focuses on preventive measures.

With that being said, the way consumers will be able to benefit from these standards are

  • They are satisfied with the quality and safety of the products they will purchase.
  • They are laid ease and confident with the products they will be buying as long as there exists an ISO logo upon the product. The ISO logo means that products have been reviewed and tested for quality and safety.
  • They are prioritized upon the publishing and development of International Standards which seek to include them as much as possible.

Lastly, environmental risks are exponentially reduced because International Standards implement and reinforce product consciousness and awareness upon its impact on the environment.